Top 5 Delivery Companies for all Your Essentials

If you usually handle all the grocery and essentials shopping for your home in person, figuring out how to shop when you can’t leave the house can be overwhelming. You’re probably familiar with Amazon Prime shipping, but what do you do if you don’t want to buy organic groceries or just want a pizza? And what about those shipping and delivery fees? Thankfully, the delivery industry is booming, and you have plenty of great options to get all of your essentials delivered straight to your door at little to no cost to you.

1. Best Grocery Delivery

If you’re looking to get your groceries delivered fresh from the store, Shipt is the way to go. This great program has a low, yearly cost, one-hour delivery, and plenty of perks to help keep your loyalty. Additionally, the Shipt program connects with your store rewards, so you can still earn member points from your favorite store. Through Shipt’s easy-to-use app, you pick your favorite supported store, add items to your cart, and submit the order with your preferred delivery time. A personal shopper does all the work for you and lets you know via text when items are out of stock so you can choose whether or not to make a substitution. The groceries are dropped off at your front door with no fee as long as you spend over $35 on the trip! Plus, Shipt only costs $100 per year, and every time you refer someone, you get a $50 credit, so two referrals mean a free year of delivery.

2. Best Take-Out Delivery

For a wide selection of take-out delivery options, try DoorDash. The company is currently offering no-contact deliveries and free delivery for many stores during the quarantine. Otherwise, delivery fees range around $6. You can choose from over 300,000 local and national restaurants and quickly put together your order via the DoorDash app or website. Plus, new customers get a $5 credit on their account, so your first delivery fee is almost completely covered.

3. Best Wide-Range Store Delivery

When you need items from a lot of different stores, give Deliv a try. If you’re in one of their 35 markets around the U.S., you can get same-day delivery on a vast range of items for about the same price as standard 3-5 day shipping. Deliv works with over 130 different stores, including Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Adidas, Chicos, Express, FoodKick, The Home Depot, Kohls, and more! So whether you suddenly need tools for the home project you finally have the time to do or just want a new pair of running shoes, Deliv will get it to your door faster than the actual store. Plus, you can track all your orders through the Deliv app, so you know exactly when they’ll arrive.

4. Best Books and Games Delivery

If you need something to switch up your current stash of entertainment, Barnes and Noble stores are making it easy for you! The company now offers same-day delivery on qualified orders! Annual membership is $25 and gets you free shipping on all same-day orders; non-members must have a minimum order of $25. The company offers 3 different delivery windows to choose from as well, so you can have it as soon as 9 am or as late as 10 pm—whatever works for you! Go on their website and search their expansive collections of books, games, toys, and even movies—you’ll undoubtedly find something to spice things up.

5. Best All-Product Delivery

Sometimes you just want one service that takes care of everything. In this case, Amazon Prime’s Same-Day Delivery reigns supreme. Some items, such as food, may be more expensive than your local store, but most things run at the standard store prices or even lower. If you’re an existing Prime member, you just need to order $35 of items marked as “same-day,” and the delivery fee is waived. Otherwise, you’ll pay $6 to get the order delivered to your door-step before the end of the day. The only other requirement is to order by 12 pm to get your items the same day. This is an exceptionally great option if you need a wide range of things all at once, such as food, clothing, cleaning supplies, and household items.

Even if you can’t leave your house, you can have almost anything you can think of delivered straight to your door with the push of a button.

So don’t let the quarantine get you down. Use the time to find a new favorite game, finish your to-do lists, pick out a new outfit, and stock up the fridge with goodies--without ever having to leave your house. Here are 10 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Staycation More Comfortable.

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